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movie poster now you see me2I love a smart movie. I feel like there are not enough of these movies made and thus, when they are released, the intelligent audience viewer eats it up. I am that person!! Going into this movie I had high expectations, and I knew this was dangerous. Thinker films and high expectations are a bad combination for me, I am usually disappointed. It is with a happy heart that I tell you I was not disappointed! This movie was exactly what I wanted (mostly), and I did not call the ending. Not entirely. I called a lot of stuff, so I still feel smart, but the final trick was pretty fantastic and worth the ride.

The movie starts off with introducing the four magicians that are center stage in the movie. You see their origins, their style, but since this movie is hiding things, you don’t see everything. The cast is all-star. Woody Harrleson, Jessie Eisenberg, Isla Fisher and the lesser known Dave Franco are the “Four Horsemen” magicians pulling off these amazing bank heists. Then we have Mark Ruffalo as the head FBI agent and Mélanie Laurent (aka Inglorious Bastards heroine) as the Interpol agent running after the magicians, always a step or seven behind the mastermind. Rounding out the cast is THE Morgan Freeman as a magician de-bunker and Michael Caine as the “money”. Seriously, a dream cast that interacted exceptionally well together. There was good chemistry, fun dialogue and intelligent sarcasm. It all begged the questions: who is the red herring? Who knows more than what they are letting on? Is someone on the inside working with these robbing magicians? now-you-see-me-05

The movie is meticulous in how it reveals its cards. It doesn’t give you the background on all its characters all at once. It’s almost like a horror movie–you meet the characters, but as the plot unfolds, you peel away the layers of each character, and each one has a reason for orchestrating the over-arching plot. So who has the biggest motivation? What is coincidence and what isn’t? It all becomes clear at the end, and once all the cards are shown, I was satisfied. I was hoping they would not reveal everything, leave a bit of mystery, but it didn’t. Either way, I really enjoyed the film. Is it just me, or are magician-themed movies always interesting??


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  1. Good review. It’s entertaining, but overall, the solution they come up with for this flick did not work with me a bit.

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