The Conjuring – Movie Review

IMG_0478.dngMovies like this freak me out, so the fact that I have seen this in the theatre was either really brave of me or foolish. I am leaning towards the latter. This movie knows how to scare its audience as it uses good character development and scary night sequences to build the terror in the home.

The movie starts off innocently enough–a nice family moves into a house to start their new life. They are loving, warm and close. The movie sets this up well. You like the entire family and want nothing bad to happen to it. Well this isn’t why we are watching the movie. The family has bought a house that already has an invisible resident or two and they are kind of delighted to get to play with people. It start off slow, touches at night, things moving but this movie isn’t about subtlety. It’s about scaring the crap out of the audience. Well it does conjuring3a great job! As things progress in the house, the mother goes to get help from “professionals”–Ed and Lorraine Warren. The Warrens bring a unique perspective to what is happening in the house, as Ed is good with demonology and gadgets, while Lorraine is clairvoyant and can see what others can’t. Her experiences in the film are freaky as hell.

This movie works because the the scares start off subtly but are unrelenting as they build. This movie doesn’t coddle the audience and is unrelenting in its scare factor. People are touched, dragged, thrown and infected. Pets don’t last long. You never want to play a game that involves clapping. EVER. The fear is palpable. Being alone in the house at any time is unsafe. The story of the evil presence is better developed than in some movies and it becomes clear that a cleansing of the house might not be enough. The back story of the Warrens is fascinating, especially when you go home and google their history. The movie works because you want the family to be safe. The characters are fleshed out enough that you care for them and the scares will mess you up. It’s perfectly orchestrated and well executed. I dare you not to be scared while watching it!



~ by xine23 on August 4, 2013.

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