Summer Re-Cap

Saw lots of movies this summer and struggled in getting here to write a review for them. So here it is, mini-reviews on everything that I saw this past summer. Enjoy!

The Butler: The trailer tells you exactly what movie you are going to watch–but I didn’t mind. The movie is a compelling commentary of the Civil Rights Movement through the eyes of a man (and essentially his family) from before, during and after the movement. It’s emotional, smart, and you leave feeling sad but triumphant. As you readers know, drama’s are not my main thing, but I enjoyed this movie. On a side note, it was really funny to see Oprah not age through 90% of the movie. As if.

We're the MillersWe’re the Millers: This movie is really funny!! It starts off slow, but I feel it was important to establish all the characters before they started their journey. One it gets rolling though, the laughs just keep coming and I became invested in all the characters. My favourite character was the boy virgin, he had the best moments and the actor has great comedic timing. Aniston was fun in her stripper role, and it was nice to see her portray someone slightly edgier. Overall–go see it. It’s a fun 1.5 hours.

Kick Ass 2: This movie ran the danger of imitating the first one, but thankfully it didn’t. Instead the movie creates further character growth, especially with Hit Girl, which is exactly what I wanted. I found the growth of Dave aka Kick Ass to be kind of boring and unimaginative, but I did like the new characters who were introduced, especially Colonel Stars and Stripes. The movie doesn’t stray too far from the message of the first–which is that violence begets violence, but it also looks at consequences of not being true to yourself and others. It was a good follow up but not as good as the first.

wolverineWolverine: This movie didn’t have to do too much the be better than the last one, but it did try to give it a run for its money. It was an okay movie, but I honestly didn’t care about any of the characters in the film, so all the action and danger didn’t resonate with me. Also, the movie perpetuates the notion that all Asian women are slick kung-fu assassins. It wasn’t as bad as the third film, but the ending was weak and frankly the setting and theme was boring. Meh.

Man of Steel: Everyone is all up in arms over the carnage in this film, but why aren’t they up in arms over the forced intimacy between Superman and Lois Lane?? I wrote a review about this film, so I will just say this–it’s not as bad as what people are saying, but it also didn’t need to be remade. The casting of Clark Kent/Superman is surprisingly great, as was the supporting cast (minus Lois Lane).  Overall, it’s a good movie and I encourage people to give it a chance.

red 2Red 2: Another summer hit for me this summer! All the cast is back, and then-some. The story is fast, the characters continue to develop and it’s just fun to see Bruce Willis and John Malkovich play against each other. PLUS, Helen Mirran continues to kick a$$, which as an older woman, is just fun to watch. I say–go see it! You will not be disappointed!

conjuring1The Conjuring: This movie fucked me up. My husband had to move into the bedroom to be beside me as I fell asleep for a week after I saw it. It’s a creepy story, based on some truth, and it’s scary. You get invested in the family, you don’t want anything to happen to them, but you also know that shit is going to get real here, and it does! I don’t think I can own the film, but I might break it out randomly at Halloween for a good scare.

The Heat: I love buddy cop movies, and I love them even more when they have Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy as the buddies! Seriously, this movie is amazingly funny. It’s fresh, ridiculous and wacky. I was worried that Bullock would be re-hashing her role from Miss Congeniality but it wasn’t completely similar, but it feel a bit the same. McCarthy is the best thing in the movie. You can tell she is improving a lot the time and it’s really funny. I encourage you to see this movie ASAP!

Now You See Me: I wrote a review about this so I will just say it again–this movie is smart. It’s subtle. It makes you think and you never see the ending coming! It’s rare that these smart movies get made, so get out there and see it!

Fast & Furious 6: This movie is exactly what you expect it to be–hot cars, hot cast, fast action scenes and limited acting ability required! But you didn’t expect Oscar caliber acting did you? This series continues to get better, like a fine wine, over time. I don’t know how they do it, but I felt entertained and I left the movie feeling happy. It’s a rental, but a fun rental!

Star Trek (2008) Directed by: J.J. AbramsStar Trek into Darkness: I also reviewed this movie, but I need to say it again–this series is awesome. Yes this movie was male-heavy, but that’s the point of Star Trek, no? I mean the TV series focused on Kirk and Spock, so why wouldn’t the movie also focus a lot on that? I loved the relationships in this film, they got deeper, funnier and got me more emotional than I expected when I walked in. I cannot wait to own this movie and watch it again!

Great Gatsby: This movie made me nervous, as I dislike depressing movies, and let’s not mince words, this story is a tragedy. Just is. The casting is fun but the thing that makes the movie great is the music and the visuals, the cinematography. It’s simply visually stunning! This  scenery immerses its audience into the 20’s, it’s excess, madness and beauty. Thus, you become invested in the characters and you pull for them, even though you know nothing good can come from the story. Still, it’s worth seeing.

Iron-Man-3Ironman 3: This movie surprised me–I expected it to be tired at this point, cause it’s the third one. But it takes off from The Avengers and looks at the effect that story had on Stark. He’s still sarcastic and into himself, but he’s also vulnerable and freaked out. He feels like something is coming, a storm, and he doesn’t know from who or where. The villain in this movie is both hilarious and freaky. It worked. And lastly, Pepper’s progression in this film is what made it a winner for me. She rocked my socks!

Overall I didn’t see as many movies as I typically do, but I had a summer filled with more travel and taking care of a home for the first time, and that sadly time consuming!!


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