Star Trek: Into Darkness Review

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Star Trek (2008) Directed by: J.J. AbramsThis was my most anticipated movie for the summer and it came like an early Christmas present!! The trailers left me breathless and I was stoked to see the movie. I need to preface this review to let all you gentle readers know I have not seen a single Star Trek tv episode or movie, unless Picard was in it. So know that I know nothing about Khan, his relationship to Spock, so a lot of the references people talked about went over my head. So if you are looking for a review that honors the connections, this isn’t it!

The movie opens with Kirk leading his crew into unnecessary danger, which we as an audience, are prepared for. I liked this opening scene because it felt like we were meeting old friends again–Kirk’s brashness, Spock’s uber-rationalism and the banter between the crew. It was like coming home. I was slightly disappointed that Spock was still rational to the point of self-sacrifice, I was hoping he had grown in the first film enough to see some small changes. But as it turns out, this is going to be a continuous issue with him.

Star Trek villainAfter the first scene, the movie sinks its teeth into its viewers, and the action kicks in. Terrorist attacks, pieces of a larger puzzle handed out, important characters in jeopardy, new characters introduced. All great stuff! The action in this movie was off the charts–it met all my expectations, which is huge considering how big a fan I am of the series. I was impressed with the the vision of futuristic London and its destruction. The scenes in space were as visually stunning as the first film. The fight scenes were very cool and I liked the character Khan a lot. He was fierce, intelligent and you were always trying to figure out his motives. He was a great challenge for Kirk and Spock, as he challenged both of them, if very different ways. I only wish I knew more about him. Hopefully we can revisit his character in future movies?? A girl can hope.

This movie didn’t have the same amount of character growth as the first movie. It was more mystery solving/action-centered. Which is fine! But one of the main reasons why I liked the first movie so much was the overall character development that we saw. Kirk’s beginnings and motivations, as with Spock. You see Uhura grow, get feisty, be her own character. Same with Sulu and Scotty. This movie was less dimensional for its characters, minus Spock. Spock’s growth as a character might have saved the movie for me. I was disappointed that the new female character, Carol Marcus, was mere eye-candy and not given more meat to her role. Uhura only had one important scene and was relegated to being a useless significant other for Spock.

But all things considered, I enjoyed the movie a lot. The action was fun and made the movie pace itself well, the villain was fascinating and it was great to be reunited with an old family I love a lot. If you are a fan of the 2009 flick and haven’t seen it yet, honestly why not??? Get your ass to the theatre now!!!


Iron Man 3 Review

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Iron-Man-3First big summer movie! As you readers know, I highly anticipate the summer movie season. I love action, thrills and fun–everything that summer movies offer. Iron Man 3 is a fantastic choice to start–it’s a known franchise, it has stars that will get people to see it, and a story that is compelling through the trailer. I was so excited to see the film that I made my husband line up an hour before it started to ensure we got good seats (I was at work). He’s a good sport (and I might have to do dishes for 2 weeks as a price for this, but it’s worth it!).

This movie was a fantastic way to start the season. The movie is more than an action film–it has a strong theme to it and intermixed are strong moments of humour to lighten the serious moments. It is balanced exceptionally well. I love a movie that has meaning, has a reason behind the action, and Iron Man 3 delivers. Tony Stark is not the anti-hero we met in the thirst movie. He has gone through things, he has changed and he hasn’t quite figured out how to deal with what happened in New York. Add onto that, in hiiron man pottss playboy days he inadvertently made some enemies that are rising to the surface to bite him in the ass. These two types of demons mixed well, they didn’t feel false and worked to make the movie richer. Further, the themes in this movie created a lot of character development not only for Stark, but an important one for Pepper Potts, which was freaking awesome!

The action was fan-freaking-tastic!! Tony has been tinkering with some new toys and they all unleash in this film. I enjoyed the tweaks on the suit, how Potts got to wear it (finally!!) and all the neat action from the our evil nemesis’. The action was seamless, it made the viewer feel like they were there. It wasn’t too much and the special effects rocked!

iron man killianAs expected, Iron Man  was filled with light moments, great humour and sarcasm. As I said earlier, this balanced the film so that it didn’t feel serious the entire time. Stark was his normal, sarcastic self, but the spotlight shone on Happy, his bodyguard. Every scene with Happy was hilarious! Personally, I love this franchise because of its sarcasm and one-liners and thankfully the third installment did not disappoint!

Overall, I had a kick ass time!! The movie had everything to make me happy–fierce action! Sarcasm! Heart and soul! Villains who were crappy and yet Terminator-like! I was beyond pleased, I am considering seeing it again…you know if I can find someone here in Texas to see it with me. I am telling all of you to go see this!! You will not be disappointed!

Man of Steel Trailer Review

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I am not going to mince words, I am not anticipating this movie. This is a remake of a remake. And quite frankly I don’t see what was wrong with the Kate Bosworth/Brandon Routh version (besides Lex Luther, but I never like him). So this made me mad and I felt like it was a waste. The first two trailers did nothing for me…then this one came out. I like it. I feel like I can feel the heart of the movie coming through, I am liking the moments between the characters and the interpretation of Clark Kent before he becomes Superman. I might just see this film now. But I will wait a few days to see what others have to say.

Are you excited to see it??

Olympus Has Fallen Review

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movie poster olympushasfallenI went into this movie with very few expectations–I wanted action and a maybe get Gerard Butler shirtless while sweating and shooting at evil enemies. I had no illusions about what this movie was going to be, an ok story, lots of action and a happy ending. I got it all and then so much American Patriotism I felt like I was wrapped up in an American flag and was going to poop red, white and blue sparkles. Seriously!! The crazy thing though, is that watching this movie in Texas and not Ontario, the crowd reception to this patriotism was totally different. The crowd got into it, cheered, yelled back at the screen and loved it. And so although I personally didn’t feel the moment the way the rest of the crowd did, it did enhance the movie.

The story centers on a demoted President’s aid (Butler), who happens to now work within eyesight of the White House. Of course. So the day the President gets taken hostage and the White House is under attack he can race to it and defend it while every other security guard dies. At this point the movie turns into Die Hard, as Butler’solympus gerard character is the only person inside the White House, fighting the evil minions.

Overall, I enjoyed this movie. It doesn’t have great substance or some kind of moving message. That isn’t the point. It is fun, it has lots of action and I like the cast. I love Gerard Butler, his accent, his sarcastic looks, everything. I also love the supporting cast: Aaron Eckhart as the president, Morgan Freeman as the Speaker of the House, Angela Bassett and Ashley Judd. And if you can handle a ton of American patriotism, you too will enjoy this movie!

Kick Ass 2 Movie Trailer

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I was nervous about this trailer, I really wondered: could they capture the magic of the first one in this sequel? Could they go that intense again? Have the same great humour? All while introducing new characters? The answer: YESSSSS!!! This trailer has the same humour, you have the returning characters and the new characters seems pretty awesome–especially Jim Carrey! And of course I love girl power, so Hit Girl is my absolute favourite. So now I am stoked for this movie. I can’t wait!!!

Do you like the trailer as much as I do???

The Conjuring Movie Trailer Review

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It’s been a while since a trailer made me jump–I think it was either zombie-related or the first Paranormal Activity. Well this trailer looks freaky, it is based off real events (which I am sure have had liberties taken with them). I don’t mind cause this trailer hit all marks for me. It had the freaked out family. It had the intense paranormal experiences. It has a cast I recognize. It also alludes to things not being what they seem and I am interested. It feels like a bit like another Amityville without the dad going homicidal, with bits of Paranormal Activity mixed in. Either way, I am in!! Now let’s see if my husband will see it with me.

Movie Review: The Host

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host1I gave this movie a chance against my better judgement. Let’s not mince words on how opinionated I am about the whole Twilight series. The books were far and away better than the drivel that was made. But I digress. I was nervous about this movie for two major reasons: I wasn’t sold on their casting and I wasn’t sure how they would convey the emotional moments of the book between Melanie and Wanda, considering these moments happen in her head.

The movie was alright–I don’t mind the casting of the leads, and I felt the movie did a good job explaining love story between Melanie and Jared. I felt the casting of William Hurt as Jeb was the best of the entire movie, and critical in making the audience feel for Wanda. Further, the casting of Diane Kruger as the Seeker was inspired. I feared her. Her spooky eyes, her driven passion to find Wanda and the resistance. She was evil. Another plus: there was also a lot of kissing in the movie, with hot guys, so that never hurts. Sadly, this is where the positive review ends.

host2I felt the main thing that made the movie awkward/bad was the communication between Wanda and Melanie. Their conversations did not translate well to the brig screen–either their conversations were juvenile or they didn’t convey the growing emotional connection between the two characters, either way, it didn’t work. Further, the romance between Wanda and Ian felt rushed. Considering this was my favourite part of the book, I felt disappointed in how it played out on the big screen. Overall, the movie just didn’t resonate with me. I felt it was too rushed, that the themes in the book were lost. At the end of the movie I should have felt horrified at the loss of soul’s or Wanda’s decision. Instead, I didn’t care.

I would only recommend this movie to people who have read the book, and it’s been a bit of time since you have read it. I say that not only because of my take on the movie, but my husband’s. He felt Les Miserable was better than this movie, and believe me, that’s saying something.